3 First Times I Had This Summer

Since September’s now upon us, I thought I’d look back at the highlights of one of my best summers yet.

  1. First holiday with my girlfriend.


So it started with an amazing trip to Lanzarote with my girlfriend, which we booked for our one year anniversary. Four days by the pool, the beach and a bar serving free drinks all day adds up to an incredible time.

What wasn’t so incredible was the drama which took place just before the holiday…

Lanzarote wasn’t actually our first choice of destination. We had been scheduled to fly to Corfu three days before. Only problem was, the night before we were due to fly, we went to check in online, were asked to enter our passport details, and I realized that my passport had expired the WEEK before flight time. Safe to say there was an awkward atmosphere in the room when this discovery was made…

So with the help of my incredible parents, a whole lot more money and an emergency passport later, we were off to the Canaries instead. Much and many stress.

  1. First group holiday.


That’s right, before 2016 I’d only ever been away with my family, so this was definitely a new experience. A group of eight of us from uni had an amazing time in Budapest for 5 days. Budapest is such a cool city which I would recommend to anyone. It’s crazy cheap, the nightlife is great, and there’s tons to do during the day, most notably the hot water springs (or Turkish baths). We were given the option of a family-friendly complex with tons of pools, baths and hot tubs, or the adults-only, STD infested orgy baths where you can generally find old sweaty Hungarian men. After some consideration we went with option A and had a great time. We were also able to eat out for lunch and dinner practically every day in really good quality restaurants due to the fact that their economy makes our post-Brexit one seem bearable. To put it in perspective, one beer was generally around 600 Forint, or £1.50.

Budapest did not go without its drama however.

On the very first night, we arrived at the airport to find that three of us (myself included) had had all the money stolen from our hand luggage which we had been asked to place in the deck below the plane as we were told there was not enough space for them in the overhead lockers. Luckily for me, I had split my money between my case and my wallet but my 2 friends were not so lucky, having all their money stolen. This meant we spent our first 2 hours in Budapest hanging around the airport police station waiting for a translator so that we could be interviewed about our missing money.

To add to that, when we finally got to our apartment, a terrifying Hungarian man stormed out of the neighbouring apartment brandishing a police badge at us to warn us that if we made ANY noise for the duration of our stay, we would be in big trouble… I think the exact words were, “you will shut up, you shut up, you will all shut up!”. Point taken.

  1. First wedding invitation.


Couldn’t leave this one off the list as I am incredibly excited about this. My sister is getting married in five days and I’m so happy for her. In my nearly 21 years on this planet I’ve never been to a wedding so I can’t wait to go and get drunk and enjoy her big day!

So in summary, it’s been a pretty great summer for me, full of first times and new experiences. I didn’t even mention the first time I questioned my belief in democracy back in June but I won’t get into that…


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